The Water Efficiency Labeling Standards (WELS) Scheme clearly labels products for water efficiency, helping New Zealanders manage their water usage effectively.

The introduction of WELS will mean that a new label will soon appear on appliances and products that use water in the home, including: washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, urinals, showers and taps.

This rating system will help you:

* Choose products that use less water but still offer quality and performance.
* Determine how water efficient a product is compared to others in the same class.
* Make informed choices to help use a vital natural resource wisely.
* Encourage manufacturers to design and make water efficient products.

In addition to feeling good about conserving water, making informed product choices can significantly reduce energy bills (on products that use heated water) and reduce water utility costs (in areas where water is charged separately to rates). It can also reduce the risk of running out if you are using tank water.

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